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My Story

This is a small look into my ideas and future goals as a graphic designer.


Jose Luis Mendez


Chicago, Illinois

Currently Living:

East Lansing, MI


Covert High School

Michigan State University

About me

The power of combining Design, typography and photography is very important for communication because it bridges aesthetics with the typographical intended message for audience. These are the tools necessary for my career goals. To date I have managed to help develop and created some Brands/Identities which have been create experiences. My future goal is to continue to build upon this current endeavor.
I see myself furthering my visual communication skills to be able to produce visual representations for clients. More specifically, the Hispanic community is a nitch market for which I am capable of working with. I will use my work to support clientele with their innovative and creative ideas. Like the Redwood we would all stand to benefit from collaborative ideas and business opportunities at hand.